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Willow rod furniture
Rattan furniture


Our furniture bring warmth and comfort in your house

We would like to offer you absolutely new modern and ecological solution for cafes, bars and restaurants - wicker furniture. It's durable, long-lived and efficient, hand-made by experienced masters of wickerwork.

Our furniture is made of the local natural material - withe which is procured on the banks of Desna river - the most magnificent river of Ukrainian Polesye. To expand the range of goods some exclusive materials such as Rattan (a tropical liana) and Abaca (fiber which is produced from the leaves of Manila banana tree) are also used in the production.

Temperature resistance and fastness to water makes it possible to use wicker furniture in the open area, cafes, restaurants, saunas and swimming pools.

Goods are distinguished for their flexibility, comfort, elegance, diversity of shapes and proportions. Combinability with leather, glass, metal and fabric enables it to create both a strict classic style as well as an extravagant modern interior.

The natural forces hidden in this material will make any interior look attractive, fresh and energetic; it will endure the best memories and will take off the weariness from your customers.

Our factory is going to celebrate its 100 anniversary! It's surrounded by orthodox churches and situated in the city which has 1300-years history, in the city famous for its positive energy!


We are glad to present to you
pleasant minutes of pleasure
by our production!


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