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The white rod growing on pure clean sandy beaches of a beauty Desna, in the most wonderful image, changes in skilful hands of the master.

Long time ago people have noticed such properties of a rod as durability, flexibility, not influence by an environment, and have started to use it in the purposes. In use there are simple boxes, baskets for storage of various products. Demand for manufacture of products from a rod grows, and there are first artels. Blossoming of a wickmaking is marked in the middle of 19 centuries.

The historical information testifies, that in 1914 in Russia, 12 provinces were engaged into the wickmaking. But the products of masters of the Chernigov province used special demand. It was visible - that a special secret of processing of the rod, forcing a golden shade to shine rods from a rod, and can, skill and imaginations has been by nature given more, but only Chernigovhad more orders from all Russia.

Old photo

As the industrial enterprise, the Chernigov factory of willow products begins the history in 1926, then, under the certificate of documentary photographs construction of the first cases has been incorporated. Materials have been given by Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk area, the lineal descendant of its founder and the first head of cases by Joseph Borisovich Goldenberg. Unfortunately, other documents were not kept, since the archive has been lost during Great Patriotic War.

Old photo

Manufactureof willow products in industrial volumes is mentioned in 1935. The artel "Rod-willow factory" which in 1960 has been renamed into factory of willow productst. The director became Vladimir Ivanovich Gurskiy. The factory becomes the base enterprise on preparation of wick masters . Chernigovs masters go in all ends of Russia. In the same years work on preparations of rods stops. It results in occurrence of sharp deficiency of raw material and renders an appreciable loss to manufacture. The stream of orders gradually runs low, though for performance of the most responsible still address to the Chernigov masters. So for shootings film "Jaroslav Mudryj" management of the Kiev film studio named. A.Dovzhenko has ordered to the Chernigov masters manufacturing of 135 bodies for vehicles, boards for soldiers and the big baskets. The order was carried out by the known master I.Fedus, on performance of this laborious work spent three months.

Wickmaking - is a very creative and hard work, directly dependent on whims of the nature.

The rod - is the child of the nature and its quality reflects conditions of a past season. In skilful hands of masters the leavesof rods are weaved into surprising patterns, and become beautiful and necessary things - chairs, tables, lamp shades, armchairs etc.

The rod is prepared in the winter, thenit passes technological processing - is cleared of a bark, steams out, and gets the desirable form. And only then begis the work of masters. Ease, beauty and convenience of willow furniture do not leave indifferent anybody: it still decorates country houses and drawing rooms, offices and cafe. This furniture is unique on the properties and pretentiousness of forms which any other tree cannot repeat. Rods are obediently bent, following imagination of the master, obey its skilful hands.

Ecological material, rod has united energy of the sun and freshness of water. Flexible and strong, air weightless in a lace of products, it maintains loadings up to 150-200 kg. And a child can to rearrange in other place a table or a chair . Constantly growing interest to products from a rod has served as an occasion for revival of manufacture in the former volumes in 1983, but also this attempt has not crowned success. From the products developed in 1976-1983 40 new kinds, only some have been taken.

Rrecently it seemed, that the wum furniture is for ever cunning from our life, remaining in the remote past of shady avenues, parks. But the forgotten traditions and the wum furniture comes back,. It also comes back not only to garden lawns, but to the city apartments. The rod in your house creates unique sensation of warmth, a cosiness, comfort and, at last, speaks about good taste of the owner. The cabinet or the hotel number arranged and decorated with furniture from a rod, does not require the designer, the rod in itslf becomes a leitmotif in design, fills and decorates with itself anyone, even the most refined interior.

Time not imperously above irreproachable art of wickmaking. New owners of factory, have put before themselves the purpose - to return the former glory of the Chernigov rod. The factory should make products in quantity {amount}, for satisfaction of consumer demand. In the products the master put the heart, memory of the senior generations given to them skill and the representation about beauty. The Chernigov factory has representations across all Ukraine and in near abroad. Today the factory suggests more than 50 products of fine quality and the refined design which are successfully sold in Ukraine and abroad. Before forming the assortment lines the factory takes into account the newest tendencies in the world furniture market, therefore the production of the factory corresponds to the highest equirements of the modern time.

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